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The Care and Cleaning of Pearls

Now that you’ve gotten your pearls, you should know a few things about taking care of them.
To retain their beauty, they need a certain amount of moisture, which is why you should avoid storing pearls in an airtight or overly dry environment, such as a bank safety deposit box. The human body conveniently provides just the right amount of moisture. Worn often and properly cared for, pearls can look as good in 50 years as they did the day they left the store.
Pearls are not the most durable of gems. Most everyday items at home and in the office are tougher than pearls, so careless contact can damage them over time. Chemicals are the primary threat. Perfume, makeup, and hairspray contain ingredients that can eat away the nacre, permanently dulling it. Many cleaning products contain chemicals such as ammonia and chlorine, which can pit gold alloys and quickly damage pearls. Chlorinated swimming pool water is also hazardous. Avoid wearing pearl jewellery when cleaning the house or doing yard work.
The best way to clean your pearls is with a soft damp cloth, ideally after each time you wear them.

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